Greatest world champion/ multi champion

Honestly, I’ve seen this kind of topic around, but I’ve never actually seen one based on facts and statistics. My question is:

Who is the greatest world champion of all time?

Now, I’m not asking who is your favorite. I just want to know, by statistics, who you think deserves the title “world yoyo champion” the most?

My personal thought on it, Hajime Muira. Multi time champion, has won not only one, but two divisions in one year. Yeah, not only does he balance the daily struggle of school and other things, but he finds time to not only practice for one routine, but TWO.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

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As far as 1a is concerned, of course I have to mention Hiroyuki Suzuki (he holds 4 world champion titles). But of course the contest scene was VERY different when he won most of his titles, and still quite different when he won in 2012.

Of the current big guns of 1A, I have to mention Gentry (yes, I know many of y’all aren’t fond of him), but hear me out. He won in 2014, with a really cool routine, introducing new levels of stage presence, and music use and such. That’s cool and all, but it would not be enough for me to mention him.

What is so crazy is that he managed to came back 5 years later to win AGAIN in 2019, after many attempts. The key thing here is the gap between his two wins. SO many players win once (and occasionally twice like Shion Araya), but there is very rarely such a large gap. Not many players can come back after such a long time.

And especially to come back and win in today’s competition circuit, which is ridiculously competitive. What that requires is extreme amounts of drive and dedication not to just come 5th, and the 10th and then 15th, at worlds in the following years. And it also required him to make an ENTIRELY new trick set from what he used to win in 2014.

To be honest, I don’t think anyone has really ever done anything like that. Whether you think yoyo is about the performance, practice and constant drive to improve, or if you think its about chilling in your room, you have to respect the man for what I mentioned.


It’s Shinji Saito no question, no one is close to his 13 wins.

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Oh yeah, then there’s that guy…


And… then, there is this guy>


I take inspiration from takeshis 1A. His 5A is amazing though…

If you’re purely going by titles it’s Shinji Saito.

I think there’s a serious argument for Shinji, Takeshi, Hajime, and Mickey(Hiroyuki).

Shinji has the most titles with 13, which include all 4 combined division titles when they were held, showing mastery in all 5 styles for the time.

Takeshi has 7 titles, 2 time 1a runner up(ROBBED), and 1 time 3a finalist(and very likely could’ve been more if he was interested)

Hajime has 7 titles, and the only person to win in 2 main divisions in the same year, with complete dominance in both as well. His most recent worlds 4a freestyle was also one of the most innovative and groundbreaking freestyles of all time, to the point of having people completely question the judging system.

Mickey has the least titles and is the least versatile but has shown dominance in a way nobody has come remotely close to replicating in what is by far the toughest style. A lot of people know he has 4 1a titles, but many don’t know he is also a 5-time runner up and made finals in 16 consecutive years.

It’s hard to compare Mickey vs the other 3 but I think he will always be in the conversation for GOAT just because of his dominance in 1a. Aside from him tho, I think the other 3 are pretty even but I think Hajime will definitively edge out the other 2 by the time he retires. Still too dominant in 3a and 4a right now and if he picks up another style it’s GG.

Honorable mention to Rei Iwakura, 6 titles and 5 podiums in arguably the hardest x division style to consistently do well at.


I’m still waiting for the day shinji takes first in 1a. His east japan second place 1a routine was gold.

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Rei Iwakura is also a legendary player with a lot of titles

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As far as the past decade, the definitive answer (for 1A) is probs Gentry. 2 1A titles, 2 additional podium finishes, and several us nats wins.

I always think of my friends so I gotta say Tyler.

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Shu Takada’s combination of technical skill with performance abilities make him my favorite competitor. He’s won multiple World Titles in 2A, multiple 44 Clash titles, and a host of other major contest titles.

Here’s his winning routine from last year’s inaugural Art and Performance Division at World’s.


Def Evan Nagao. Although many of my favourite players are not world champions, or national champions. The greatest players are the underdogs that are constantly innovating to push the boundaries of yoyoing through extremely risky banger filled freestyles.

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