Hiroyuki Suzuki at the Asia Pacific Championship yesterday, reminding these youngsters why he is a legend

Woo lordy

Is that an Anglam TISS?


If he still tried, he could place really well. You can tell he worked hard on this prelim, very few mistakes and very fast.

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It’s incredible, he is running like 4 businesses and traveling the world and can still stay at such a high level.

Has anyone ever played as at high a level as long as he did when he was winning world championships?

I bet if you were to calculate which human has spent the most time practicing throwing in history he would be right at the top.

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Yeah he made world finals like 19 times

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Mickey is insane, his 2012 worlds is still mind-boggingly good. But as much as Mickey is legendary, Shinji is legendarier. He is the most condecorated yoyo player ever, and if we were to consider both


Shinji would top everyone.


But for 1a, the most popular and most competitive division, Mickey is the undisputed GOAT and it might very well be possible that nobody will ever top his results

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True, true.

i was there to see this freestyle in person, and even got to meet Mickey face to face. i’ve always wanted to meet the man, and i’m glad i finally got the chance to tell him i was a big fan of his routines.


Bro, I’ve seen that pic and I’ve been trying like crazy to find where I can get that Anglam shirt.

You have any idea?

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hey moby! as far as i know, it’s an events only tshirt! i think it will go well with your anglam :wink:

That Slash tho :drooling_face:

it was a freebie; purchase any sOMEThING yoyo (i bought the f**king rabbits premiere) and you have a chance to play the dice game against one of the staff. win once and you get a tshirt, win twice and you win either a slash or an angle. i went with the slash :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha that’s awesome

How do you like it?

I think I’m gonna buy an Anglam Pinnacle

Siiiiiiiiick. ngl the white/gold aesthetic looks divine on that thing!

i love it A LOT. its now my EDC! i tried the Pinnacle and it was just so lovely, i hope you enjoy your purchase!

its so pretty :heart_eyes: