Tightest harlem shake vid yet ... s/o Shinji Saito

Yo did anyone else see this? On the twitter of the “Harlem Shake” producer. See attached screencap. I randomly just stumbled on it. Niiiice! Go ahead, Shinji!

Here’s the OG video too.

I’ve actually never watched shinji do anything either than 2a. NEver realised he was so ridiculously good at 1a as well :o

I actually tweeted that video just to show to my friends, and Baauer himself retweeted it and also posted it on his Facebook page. I was pretty surprised that he posted it. I saw another friend who is not a yoyoer share the video via Baauer and I was like “wait, what?!”

Yup, I didn’t expect that coming.

Part of the reason they stopped having the combined division at worlds was because Shinji demolished it, no questions asked, every year it was held.

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Yeah, Shinji is pretty awesome. I really like his 1A.

And good lord, World’s is going to be crazy this year. I’m dreaming of a 1A showdown between Kimmitt, Yuuki, Shinji, and Zach. I gotta figure out a way to get to Orlando…

I’ve been dreaming that too,but Zach always wins
PS: Happy birthday,Zach!

I think the Chicago Yoyo Club one is better… but that’s REALLY cool that yoyo is getting publicity out of it :smiley:

I was supposed to be in that video… :’(

I kinda always knew he was really good with 1a


I’m surprised they still have the 2a division then. :stuck_out_tongue:

You gotta love Sinji’s 1a. He’s probably in my top ten favorite 1a players.

I had no idea what the Harlem Shake was until we made that video :frowning:

I love his 1A, it’s amazing.

Holy crap, I have never seen his 1A! One of my new favorites!

Doesn’t he have the most titles of any yoyoer? Isn’t it like 12+ World Titles?