Never know who you'll meet


Over the weekend, I took my son to Columbus to see Owl City. While waiting outside in line, we were working on our throws. Out of nowhere, this kid comes up to us and says “man, I haven’t seen anyone playing with a yoyo since… ever!” I asked him if he did and he said yeah so I asked what he had. He said a YYF Super Nova. So I handed him my Heavy Cream and said lets see what you got. I could tell he was little nervous cause he was shaking a bit but he pulled off some decent tricks and he commented on how much he liked the Crucial. Then, just like that, off he went! I just thought it was cool that in the least likely of places, you always seem to run into a fellow yoyoer.

Never did get his name…

Then that was followed up with my son hitting the girl in front of us in the butt with his yoyo and me almost loosing my HC to a bus passing by VERY close and very fast.

Anyway, just wanted to share.


If you yoyo they will find you.

I get that often enough. I have run into a handful of people in Utah that way.


I never run into fellow yoyoers… I wish I did though.


I found a guy with a chief at the mall once. It was the same mall where Tyler Severance hosts his club though so i guess it might not be that special ::slight_smile:


Might not be that special but it’s still pretty exciting. I mean, how often are Chiefs spotted in the wild?



True, true. Most of the local yoyoers use yyf since its so close being in Arizona.