Needing Help With Bearings

I have the ILYY St. Eel, Im wondering does the KonKave Size D bearing fit it or is there i differance, also i have the Yomega Firestrom wondering what would work with that one, And the Hyperwarp

The bearing dimensions for the St. Eel is 5X11X5, which is a size D, so theoretically the D-sized KK shojld fit.

Never heard of the Yomega Firestorm. The Hyperwarp uses a non-standard bearing(isn’t an A/B/C or D). You might have to contact Yomega to get answers.

I understand that but im wondering what the KMK 5×11×5mm, stand for is there i differance or what?

Size matters…
As long as it’s a 5×11×5mm it will work fine. KMK is just some manufacturers designation.

Really the 5x11 part is the most critical. The number sequence is Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter x Width. The first 2 really determine if it will fit. HSPIN uses the same size bearing and frankly for me they are too wide. I’ve replaced all of my 5 mm wide bearings w/4 mm wide ones.

Older Yomega std bearing size: 4 mm x 8 mm x 3 mm (.156 in x .312 in x .125 in)

You can get bearings of assorted sizes at a local hobby shop - RC car department.