Will a Size 5x10x5mm bearing fit in YYf small bearing yoyo that takes size A

Will a Size 5x10x5mm bearing fit in YYf small bearing yoyo that takes size A bearing(like Pocket change,speed dial, etc)

A 5X10X5? Hmmm, i see a D being a 5X11X5.
A normal A is 5X10X4.

We’re talking a width issue. If the axle is long enough to accommodate the extra 1MM of bearing width, then I suppose it COULD work. However, your mileage may vary, so just proceed with caution. Worse case is that your yoyo flies apart and you have to find the parts.

Where are you getting these bearings?

Note: One of my kid’s has recently taken to taking apart my off-strings, then throwing them and they explode into parts. He’s lost 15 bearings and many spacers. And yet, he denies taking them apart. Ain’t life grand? Oh, outdoors over grass. Amazing how shiny metal vanishes so quickly in green grass, ain’t it?

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Well i don’t know where i could get a bearing that size. Maybe a hardware store? it’s just that my pocket change is almost loop responsive and I’m wondering if a 1mm wider bearing would work.

It should, and any online bearing supplier should have it. They’re actually easier to find than 5x11x5 bearings.

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I don’t know if your allowed to post other websites other than yoyoexpert on these forums but could somebody direct me towards a website where i could get that type of ball bearing?

Oops. The 5x10x4 is the most common 5x10 size. There aren’t any 5x10x5’s that I could find. Sorry. You could however use two 5x10x3’s with thicker string. Sorry about that. I coulda sworn I saw like 20. I’ll pm you a few links to 5x10x3’s.

The thought just occurred to me since the pocket change uses spacers maybe if i buy different size spacers and 2 5x10x3 bearings it could have the same effect as 1 5x10x5. But i don’t know what kind of spacers would work. :-\

A 5x10xwhatever will probably work. That’s IDxODxW so as noted above if the axle is long enough it will work as far as fit goes, but the gap will be significantly larger. The HSPIN G&E 4 is a good example. It comes stock w/a 5 mm wide bearing, and for me was almost unplayable. I switched it out w/a 4 mm bearing and it works great for me. As far as a source for bearings, go to your local hobby shop. the RC car department stocks a wide variety of bearings.

The bearing will fit. Wider spacers may also help.

But I liked mine after I tore out one of the pads. Give it a try if you want.


Okay the thing, that after around a solid day of thinking and researching, I’ve found to be the best and easiest way is just to buy one of these http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/71/Duncan-Bearing-and-Parts-Kit and experiment and find which kind of spacers you like. I prefer 1 spacer that came stock with the pocket change and one brass original spacer that comes in the pack (I think that’s the smaller spacer that comes in the freehand zero). And now i can put 4 strings in my pocket change gap!

I have one of those.  Really useful for beefcaking.