Concave bearing

So i only have an axiom, sfx, and dm2, and was wondering if there are any concave bearings compatible with yyj. I tried looking but couldnt find anything.

Any C size bearing should fit including a KK.

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Check the specs to see what size bearing they take. In your case, those are all throws that use C-sized bearings. As a result, any C-sized bearing will fit. That includes Crucial Grooved, CenterTracs, KK’s, General Yo and plenty of others.

I think the bigger question will be does that bearing give you the performance you’re looking for. There’s only one way to find out.

“The YYJ / YYF Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) bearing fits all “Large Bearing” YoYoJam”

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There is a metric “C” size bearing as well. It’s used by ILYY and other yo-yo manufacturers. It’s very close to a standard C size bearing but a tiny bit smaller in diameter (at least as far as sitting on the bearing seat. It’s normally referenced as 6x13x5).