Please help! Bearings!!!

If you have a yoyo that uses a size C, will any other size C bearing work in the same yoyo?? Please help I need answers fast!!

Yep! Whether it be 10 ball, konkave, center trac. All are size C and should fit in your yoyo.

Ok thanks! That was very helpful!

Most of the time any C bearing will work in any yoyo that takes size C bearings. A few yoyos require certain bearings to be deshielded such as the Capless. In more extreme cases, a yoyo won’t take some bearings period. This is usually a machining defect rather than a design flaw.

I only use 2 types of bearing now
Terrapin and trifecta

And use terrapin dry lube its fantastic all can be bought at yye

OK thanks…Try one ans see…