Can it?

Can you put a Center Trac Bearing in any yoyo? (intermediate to advanced yoyos)

No you have to check the bearing size first.

not exactly you have to check the bearing size first. If its c or a your in luck metric,d,or yomega sorry


If your yoyo takes an A sized bearing or a C sized bearing, then yes. You will need to purchase an appropriate sized CBC CenterTrac bearing.

If your yoyo uses a different sized bearing, then no, you will not be able to use a CenterTrac bearing as they only make them in A and C sizes.

Note that yoyos use many sized bearings. The size of the bearing is no reflection of the quality of the yoyo. There’s a new trend towards more D sized bearings, and many European companies are choosing to use the L sized, or Euro-C bearing. Also, some yoyos come in different variations for bearing size. For example, the CLYW Bassalope comes in a version that uses an A-sized bearing(Small bearing basalope) an the Large Bearing version that uses a C sized bearing. The VsNewton YoYoConcepts Skywalker has both C and D bearing models.

So, here’s the question for you:
Which yoyos do you have that you wish to do a bearing upgrade in?

However if you’re an intermediate player, it may be a it premature to change your bearing out. Then again, it can’t hurt to have some parts to experiment with.