Would this bearing fit?

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Would a size A Center Trac bearing (small) fit a YoYoJam Atmosphere? I noticed next to the size A Center Trac bearing it had " YoyoFactory, Duncan" so I was just thinking if that meant YoYoJam yoyo’s wouldn’t be compatible with size A.


it would not fit the atmosphere is a large bearing yoyo (size c) the small bearing is mostly for duncans

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Large bearing? On the bearing of the Atmsophere it says it’s a small bearing. But regardless of that, the large bearing center trac would fit the Atmosphere?


on the bearing it says that its a small bearing, thats weird. The atmosphere is a large bearing and you can see on the atmosphere page

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That’s strange. I’m a little worried because I ordered a size A Center Trac bearing for my Atmosphere, based on the “S” on the Atmosphere’s bearing.


well if it doesnt fit you can use it for a size a bearing yoyo


The “S” desn’t stand for “Small”

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…Does it stand for stock or speed?


probably stainless.

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Next time, I suggest you ask, before you purchase.

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I should have, but again, that S was really deceiving, I couldn’t think of anything else it would stand for. Luckily, they said once I receive it I can send it back in exchange for a size C type bearing.


The S stand for speed its the new YoYoJam Speed Bearing

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Right, they told me that to.