hey, i was wondering what the diference is in bearing sizes, like the genesis how there is a small and large bearing, and also, what is better center trac or konkave or konkave ceramic?

a,b,c,d bearings are the standard in yoyo’s. B being the least used.

The a bearing or small bearing is the same bearing you’ll see in a FHZ.

The B bearing is the same you will see in the menehune or a few other wierd yoyo’s.

The C bearing is the normal large bearing which is found in most YYF, YYJ’s and most other yoyo’s.

The D bearing is in between the C and A bearings. It’s what SPYY and Hspin use.

KK’s and centertrack bearings are worthless imo. Flat bearings are worth more in my book. You won’t get any more performance out of those bearing’s as you will the flat.


A-found in most duncans (FHZ, FH2, mayhem, momentum, etc), SB yoyofactorys.

B-found on small bearings SPR’s, renegades, and super-spinfaKtor. Don’t forget Sunsets!

C-Found in LB yyf yoyos, almost every YYJ, general yo’s, remnants, and such

D-Hspin and SPYY use these for almost ALL there yoyos.

just thought I could add on a little.

Sunsets use B bearings, Born2YoYo.

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Fixed! My bad, thanks.

so does the matrixx and aquarius

I didn’t list those.

There’s also E size bearings, guys. Used by all of Foxland precision’s yoyos…

I said standard. The E bearing isn’t standard size.

Maybe someday…

Foxland Precision uses D bearings not E bearings.

See also: Ball Bearings.