Bearing size


How can we know?
And what is the size of dv888 avant garde 1 and 2 speeder 2 I think it’s C size. Am I right?


All C sized, it’s listed on the stats.


what is the other sizes and what uses it?


The vast majority of throws use c sized bearings, old spyy and hspin use d sized bearings, some yoyojam loopers and offstrings use size b, and some duncans use a sized bearings.

C bearings are “large” bearings, a sized are “small” bearings. Really though, just check out the stats on the yoyo’s page. It’ll tell you.


There’s a bunch of other sizes. What uses what is too numerous to list on the forum. I am compiling a database with this stuff on it. The vast majority are C-bearings. A’s are a second. D’s are a third, but distant.

Read this:

Have fun.


Duncan uses all three and don’t be afraid to use all of them they all have there pros and cons