Dimensions of bearing?

I was wondering what the dimensions of a C and D size bearing are in mm because I’m fiddling around with designing a yoyo and need to know how much to factor it In for the width and to design the bearing seat

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thanks now to decide on D or C… Probably D

D is basically a A.

Not really, a D is wider. Some are wider than C bearings.

Errrr… no, a D is noticeably larger than an A bearing.



Size D is 5x11x4 and A is 5x10x4 noticeably different.
Here’s my noob design specs :slight_smile:
Diameter: 56.5 mm
Width: 46 mm
Weight: 64.8 g
Size D bearing
I hate designing yoyos that will never be produced … Oh well :slight_smile:

That looks like an interesting yoyo. If it ever does get produced, please tell us. I’d like to see it.

Wrong, D is 5x11x5

haha ok I’m trying to talk to my dad right now about it so we’ll see. Still debating the C and D bearing

I think for a first up effort, a C bearing might be best because it gives you more options to figure out what type of bearing works best. I’d love to see some prototypes of this. The specs look very interesting.


pm me your email or # and I can send you pics it still needs a bearing seat and axle though