are Dif-E-Yo kk bearings compatible with yyf yo-yos?

so recently put a KonKave Ceramic Bearing into my 888. it was a tight squeeze and it scratched off some of the anodize (or what ever it is) no big deal it was behind the bearing. put on the other half of the yoyo and it was harder to do. the yoyo played phenomenal it became by far my best yoyo! but then each time i unscrewed the yoyo an then put it back together it became harder to do. so i tried to take out the kk bearing and put the original back in. sadly it was stuck >:(, so i got some pliers and tried to rip it out. i was so focused on the the bearing i didn’t notice that the axle was still in there so when i squeezed the pliers i messed up the threads :’( >:(! i took out the axle and then took out the bearing through a great struggle.put the old bearing in screwed the yoyo together. and i can’t quite say it plays the same anymore.this leaves me with the question are Dif-E-Yo kk bearings compatible with yyf yo-yos (or at least the classic 888) ??? ??? ???

It depends…

on the size of the original bearing in your yoyo. If they’re the same size, they are compatible. Note that tolerances for bearings and bearing seats may come in to play on this and some bearings, though they are the same will fit tighter (or looser) than others.

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ok thanks!

some bearing are going to fit your bearing seat tighter than others. A c size kk will fit in the same seat as a c size spec bearing.
how did you damage your axle though when you were trying to get the bearing out? I think you’re applying far too much pressure on the pliers when removing your bearing. just gently hold the bearing and wiggle back and forth.

i tried wiggling it was to stuck. i flattened a section of threading together on the axle, so i used a knife to separate them so it works fine now!

and thanks for the info guys!