DV888 question..

Hey everyone, i’m new here and this site is awesome!! Anyways, I just bought a Dv888 and i had a question about it. i’m relatively new to yoyoing. Haven’t been into it since middle school and it has changed alot. So yeah back to the point, lol. So i know this yoyo has a size c bearing and i also have a dark magic 2 which of course has the same bearing size. I dont use my DM2 anymore really cause it has nothing but problems for me. My question is: Can i interchange those two bearings? Like say using my DM2 bearing as a backup? Or if i decided i wanted to go responsive again, using the smaller bearing it came with and make my DV888 responsive? Is that a possibility? I dont see why not since they are both C size bearings, but i just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask people with more expierience.


Yeah it should be. :slight_smile:

You said it. They have the same size.

yes same size but…

removing the bearing frm the dv888 …gives me problem so interchanging is a no

you could use pliers to remove bearings. YYF has been known to have tough bearing romving, so I would suggest buying a bearing removal tool from YYE store

You can do what I do and get an alen wrench or a drill bit that will fit in there. But you could buy the bearing removel tool if you don’t want to waste time finding a fit…

If you don’t have a drill bit the right size, then you can just buy a piece of metal stock for cheap, or go get a free piece from a metal scrap bin if you know where one is.
Or you can buy the tool, I have had this tool for years and it works great still.  Notice how I rotate it when it works vs, when the rod just pulled out. 

All the solutions ^^ are great solutions. Not a prob. I use pliers and wiggle it back and forth. Here’s a demo on a Severe: