size C bearing wont fit my dv888?

Yeah, I bought it like two days ago, and to my surprise it didn’t fit the bearing seat?
All I know is the slim pad version uses Size C bearing
what do I do?

Thanks guys.

find the original bearing that came with it isit the same or smaller because there are different sized bearings dv888’s

I had to break it off the bearing seat cause it was stuck there…

wow lol

If you really want to get on,

try freezing the yoyo half and heating the bearing in a flame
then press the bearing into the seat.

Don’t know how it’s going to come back off though.

i think he bought a small bearing version and did you bye it from here and if u did wat color

Stuck on there? That’s what’s supposed to happen. Wow, now you really broke it.

There’s a difference between breaking a yoyo and a bearing. Don’t freak people out when you aren’t sure.

The Dv888 was produced to be a smooth yoyo for a cheap price. One way of making a yoyo smooth is by giving it a really tight bearing seat. If you broke the bearing, just buy a new one and you’ll be set.

Next time you need to remove the bearing, jusat stick the yoyo in the freezer for an hour, it’ll shrink the metal in the yoyo, but not the bearing. It won’t be much, but it’s better than breaking bearings everytime.

Does this method really work? My skepticism aside, wouldn’t it be the exact opposite of this? You’d want to heat the yoyo half to make it expand with the aim of making the bearing seat “bigger” and freeze the bearing to make it “smaller” in order to get it to fit into the bearing seat. Maybe it depends on whether it is the inside or the outside of the bearing that doesn’t fit. I don’t know, I’ve never done it but if this methodology is floating around out there, someone must have had success with it.

While your thinking makes sense, it’s just that you’re forgetting that the bearings sits on a post-like structure in the yoyo. If you were to shrink the bearing, or expand the yoyo, it would cause the post to become wrapped tighter in the bearing.

I should have paid closer attention in my science classes. :slight_smile:

The way you were talking was scientifically correct.

It’s just that there is the variable of the post that holds the bearing in place. Otherwise you would’ve been absolutely correct. and for that, you get mad props from me son. :smiley:

That right there really makes me think you got a small bearing version.

Except that’s not the OP

@yoyo jake
Nope I did NOT buy the small bearing version…
I wouldnt have this probllem if I did,
the bearing would just be too big
but the bearing I bought is LITERALLY the same size as the seat
and for now Im stuck with my FHZ(stacked:D)
don’t get me wrong I love the thing, but I got to throw my dv for like two days.

and btw, bought it off of yoyonation on the fourth of july sale, slim pad version. Purple.