half spec Dv888?

can you put a haf spec bearing in a dv888? because i saw a little space extra on the thread were the axle isnt, and it looks about half a width of a bearing… also would it probably fit in a dark magic right? cus they give you an even thinner one (ibelieve) when you get it. i just want a cheap responsive yoyo and 10 dollas for a bearing is nice =D

Why don’t you buy the YYF One with the two bearings for ten bucks?

Sweet, im prolly gonna buy that instead of just the bearing, but does it fit in a Dv888??? thats what im asking

It’s the same size bearing but it has to screw in far enough to fit the narrow one.
It may work.
If not you get a new yoyo for the same price with the extra bearing.

yeah plus i know it would fit my darkmagic. imma def do it when i order my proto or north

It wont work. Unless you get a shorter axle. The axle is too long so when you put in the smaller bearing there is a little bit of space between the bearing and seat.

Put lube in the bearing?

well, the axle can actually stick out of the DV888, so there shouldn’t be a problem, but the axle may stick out.

but why on earth would anyone want to put a half spec in a DV888, if anything, drop some KK or 10 balls in it.

some people don’t like mega huge gaps.

well there’s probably more to it, and since I don’t understand, I ask. I might be able to learn something new.

the way im taking it is you want it responsive.if so don’t be getting a dv888,proto,northstar if you are going to make it responsive.they are made to be unresponsive not responsive.its easy to learn how to bind.once you learn how to bind then get what ever throw you want.

i dont think you should get a dv888 if you want responsive cause it doesn’t work in the dv888 i have tried it will get stuck

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Actually what will prevent it from fitting is the bearing seat itself. Some YYF yoyos come with thin bearing seat posts and others with wide ones. The DV888 I’m almost certain has the wider bearing seat post, so when you screw the halves together, the two bearing seats from either side will come together with space still being left for the thin bearing to float around. Some models with the thin bearing seat post include 888s (excluding the Classic and I believe the 09) and the DNA.

ratfacedudeguy is right i believe cause i tried a dm2 one and it did not work like i said before i had to use pliers to get it out

Actually the Dark Magic II has narrow bearing seats. It comes with a narrow bearing. Also you should have to use pliers to get the Dark Magic II’s bearing out. It’s supposed to come out.

To solve that, you can try sanding down the bearing seat, and getting a shorter axle. however, if you still want your DV888, I think you should spend that extra $10-$20 for a new responsive yoyo.

Indeed. I personally wouldn’t recommend attempting to sand down a bearing seat either, especially if you’re inexperienced. Too much that could potentially go wrong and ruin your Dv888.