Converting DV888 To Responsive

Hi there,

I should hopefully be receiving a DV888 soon. However it is unresponsive and I would like to convert it to responsive.

Would someone mind telling me how to do this? I hope it is possible.

Thank you.

Try a slim bearing with thick lube. :thinking:


Thick lube alone should do the trick. Possibly double loop the string on the axle.


Just done it myself 1min ago. Just put a slim bearing in.

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Oh cool. Ok so it should not be too much of a faff. That’s great.

might need a shorter axle

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Does this mean that all unresponsive yoyos can be converted to responsive just by using lubricant around the bearings and using slim bearings as well?

If that’s the case then I’m about to flip my wallet and part cash for some amazing designs. Can I convert the Cthulhu? It’s soooooo nice.

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Not all.
Some may need a different length axle as well as a slim bearing.
Sometimes the bearing seat won’t allow it, which would be a major faff to alter, and something i’ve never attempted, I have a Magic Yoyo N8 where this is the case in point.
Best bet is to ask around what others have tried.

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I emailed Yoyo Expert and they replied saying that I would need a 10mm axle and a narrow bearing.
Including shipping to UK it comes to $19 (£15).
I may as well buy a brand new responsive DV888 in a different colour and then just swap the bearings and axle out when I want the grey one to be responsive no?

You might be able to source the parts from a UK supplier, but as I said… the solution to all problems is more yo-yos!

I would recommend the YYF Confusion as a responsive over the DV888 though, you might as well change up shapes while you are at it for diversity rather than getting what is effectively the same thing twice…

Most of the cost there is shipping. You can purchase axles and bearings in the U.K. You’d still have shipping costs but thats where you’d make the saving.
I’ve never played Cthulhu so can’t really comment, i’ve used DV888 both responsive & unresponsive and its o.k. quite nice to practice on something small getting it on the string.

I’m a little on the side of Codinghorror here, as i’m thinking of the Confusion as well, perhaps on next payday.

I would think you can buy those parts locally at the UK equivalent of a hardware store, at least the axle. If you can’t find a screw of the right length, cut one to fit. In the US, hobby shops that sell RC cars and helicopters are a good source for bearings of various sizes. Surely the UK has equivalent stores.

In other words, there’s nothing magic about yoyo bearings and axles. they’re standard hardware items (or whatever you call them in your locale).

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Hi jhb8426. Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a look in my local DIY (hardware) store for the axle. I may just try the bearings first or lubricant on them to see if that does the trick first.