Needed a study break, so I made a video


Been studying for finals, and I needed to take a break, so I made a video.

I can’t do anything as fancy as some of you guys, but I find it fun and relaxing.

Bit of backstory if anybody is interested in how long I’ve been throwing:

About two months ago one of the guys I play pool with had a DMII on the table.  I hadn’t touched a yoyo since middle school, I learned all the tricks I could, but I eventually lost interest.  I played around with his yoyo for a bit, and ended up having a lot of fun, so I broke out the old FHZ and started to relearn.  I didn’t really have access to fast internet back then, so I was limited to these books that some of you may have/remember:
Now that I have pretty fast internet and loads of free time, I’ve just been learning tricks and thinking of (simple) combos.

Since throwing that DMII a couple months ago, I’ve pretty much tried to catch up and immerse myself in the yoyo world (the day I decided to get back into it was the day I signed up for these forums), and am making progress (I hope).  The past two months have a been a blast, and I don’t think I’ll lose interest anytime soon.

TL;DR: Didn’t throw for long time, started again two months ago.

Feedback would be awesome.
Thanks for watching!


Nice job!

(NotATyrant) #3

Who are you, do you live near Illinois, and can you be my yo-yo master?


Nice job man! Your style really flows


Thanks guys!

Just some dude that needs to do something to relax once in a while. Unfortunately I’m in Cali =/
Don’t think I’m qualified to be somebody’s master though!

Thanks, I really prefer a slower/smooth/flowy style of play, not a huge fan of a lot of string hits/complicated string formation stuff, I think the way I play is an “older” style from what I’ve seen/read. I can actually play faster than this, but it’s just not as fun and relaxing.

btw, I’ll probably be hittin you up for some string pretty soon, been waiting till I needed new string to try out your stuff.

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Holy crap. You’ve been yoyoing for two months, I’ve been yoyoing for three years, and you’re still as good as me, if not better.

Dang. That was freaking impressive.


Great video, especially for a study break!


You are amazing!


Thanks everyone, I plan on making more vids in the future, so subscribe if you wanna see how I progress.

Thanks man, although I think the stuff I do is pretty simple, I just try to make it smooth. Looked you up on YT, you’re pretty good too!


That’s nutty. I assume you knew some string tricks from the time before you restarted? If you started from basically zero, that’s just nuts.


Only stuff I knew from before I learned from those books. I guess the hardest thing in those books would be the looping stuff (still can’t really loop, can only do maybe 3-5 good inside loops before messing up) and the hydrogen bomb. I was able to throw a trapeze and double or nothing, as well as transition between them fairly easily, but beyond that I couldn’t do much.


I remember when I had to learn tricks from books too, and that was ridiculously hard. I really like how smooth you are because it makes your tricks even better.


Two months!? That’s just insane! Really nice tricks. Good job!


Right? I looked back through those books and I’m surprised I was able to learn anything back then…