A combo I've been working on.

Here’s a video of the combo I’ve been working on. Enjoy.

You can pack a whole lot of good stuff into 26 seconds! real nice.

Thanks. I realized when I finished that if I get another combo that long, I could do a 1 minute prelim routine at a contest. I don’t think I’d go far with the level I’m at, but it would still be fun.

As long as you are having fun and progressing in your talent nothing else matters.

not too shabby. How long have you been throwing for?

Right. I kind of got in a slump and didn’t learn anything new for a while, but got on myself and learned a couple slack tricks recently. I put a lot of what I know at this point into this combo. Should’ve put a couple grinds in the video too, now that I think about it.

~8 months.

oh okay, that’s really good for only 8 months actually.

Really? I felt like I was behind the curve to be honest. I appreciate the support.

no problem, and I know what you mean. Ive been throwing for about 8 years on and off, and every time I get back into it, I regret having stopped.

I yo-yoed when I was a kid and got out of it do to the lack of a yoyo community anywhere near me and having no friends that were yoyoers. I bought a velocity this year (about 15 years later) and have hardly skipped a beat since. I then got the Yomega Brain, Fireball, Raider and Maverick (moved a long way forward with that Maverick). I got a Ghost Edition DMII for my birthday in March from my girlfriend. Have a shutter which is actually sold and will be in the mail Monday (though I will eventually replace it), a cypher, a nickel CafeRacer (had a custom Cafe racer that I traded away a few weeks ago), and have a Horizon headed my way.

I like the progress I’ve made, but I’ve seen a lot of people’s videos that are way better than I with just a little more experience.

very nice choice of yoyos. just remember that practice makes perfect. It sounds cliche, but its true. Literally every single time you do a trick you get just a little bit smoother at doing it, until eventually it’s smooth as butter. trick progression I feel isn’t as important as getting the tricks you know down packed.