Need to decide on a song for TN States routine!

(Connor) #1

Alright guys. I just want your ideas on what would be a good song for a routine.

I throw somewhat fast. And have mostly intricate tricks. its for 1A.


Instrumentals are good.
Rap is ok but im very picky about it.

Give me some ideas! :slight_smile:


I like Shadow of The Day - Linkin Park. Good slack/whip song, has a steady beat, a little long, but is slow enough to keep it steady.

(Connor) #3

Awesome idea. Ill try throwing to it. Thanks, I love slacks.


Sure thing.


What I am using:

(Mitch Ginder) #6

When is TN States, and Samad, The Strokes are legit.


That is a very good song choice. The Strokes are pretty cool.

I like shorter songs so you don’t be up on stage more. And if you run out of tricks, dance to the music!

(Connor) #8

September 12th :slight_smile:


I’m a big proponent of Foo Fighter’s music. Fast paced, and pretty clean.


How long of a freestyle? 1 min 2 min or 3 min?

(Connor) #11

Pretty sure its 2 minutes.


You might like this, you’ve probably heard it a gazillion times but never recognized it.
It should be quite easy to edit to 2 mins, being 2:15.

(Connor) #13

Awesome! Actually never heard it but I love it. I will definately consider this! A thank you for you! :slight_smile:


if you can edit a song i would start in the middle of metallicas suicide and redemtion at the soft part and then play into the part after that

(JonasK) #15

Big Muff by Depeche Mode. I can’t find a video on this,  but it is just awesome (instrumental too). I’m a bit of a fan, but they have a lot of awesome music that you can use. Check out Speak and Spell. That album is full of corny tracks.

You could check out some Muse as well. I suggest that you try Time Is Running Out:
And while you’re at it, try Map Of The Problematique:

If you really want to make a show, use Germany’s ESC contribution:

I got a lot in store so just shoot me a PM if you’re stuck.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #16

Some stuff from nujabes. His music is chill and instrumental. I can’t post any links because I’m on my iPod.
Sorry bout that. Check him out. :smiley:


This is halloween fom the nightmare before christmas.

(SR) #18

New Divide- Linkin Park (Amazing Rock Song)
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas (Easy Going Rap, Clean)
Viva la Vida- Coldplay (Good song, good for slacky tricks)
Shadow of the Day- Linkin Park (Good rock song, slack tricks are really good)

Hopre you find one, if not in here, somewhere else! Good luck!

(JonasK) #19

If you use Linkin Park and put a video on youtube, I am going to mute the video.