Need to decide on a song for TN States routine!

No clue. Mabye it’s because of a different country and their origin music? Norway’s music is way different than ours. If you listen to some of Pheenix’s videos, which are awesome, you might hear different music than what you’d hear in the U.S.

I don’t blame him. Some of LP’s music isn’t too great, but some songs are.

I might take this a tad bit too far, but please don’t say that my country has a completely different taste of music. We do get most of the music you listen to. My taste of music is just a bit different than a lot of people, and Linkin Park is just not worth listening to in my opinion.

My music is changing constantly. Right now I listen a lot to Depeche Mode, but if you were to ask me 6 months ago, I’d say Judas Priest or Frank Zappa (they still rank pretty high up). I listen to a lot of the “Flight of the Conchords” as well, but only because they are extremely hilarious (the music isn’t really that bad either).

I use music in my videos because I find that they fit. Now I’ve done one track of Depeche Mode and it got removed by YouTube (still availiable on Vimeo with original soundtrack). I also use some music just because I find it funny (Dancing Lasha Tumbai AKA techno polka drag band thing). But then I also try to use music that fits.

Now I just despise Linkin Park in every single way. I just don’t like any of the stuff they make. THAT is why I’d mute a video containing a Linking Park song.

Addment: I am a musician by the way.

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I want you to want me by KSM is so good.

I agree with Pheenix - Linkin Park is horrible.

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30 dollars if you do it to this:

It has a good beat.

I don’t find them horrible, not the best but still…

the ebay song or the song sonotfair said

Sink Into Me by Taking Back Sunday. Fast rythm and a strong steady beat.

This might work:

Addment: Ah! The 80s…