freestyle songs

i’m looking for some good appropriate yoyoing songs for mid west regionals that you can buy on cd

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So you are competing at Midwest regionals! I will see you there then. I will be using the song in the supernova video soulless by fake problems. Pretty much anything upbeat. Try like vines by the hush sound. Or daft punk. I know techno is always good choice

ratatat Seventeen Years nuff said

Jensen used it once, be original.

Play a song that matches your style and that you can coordinate to. Ask yourself if you’re a fast player, a slow player, or a medium speed. Check what your tricks are like. Do they involve a lot of hops, perhaps rolls, maybe even slack, or body tricks. You’re music defines you, it’s not your routine if you didn’t make the decision on your own.

If you look at players, Johnny Devalle uses slow songs because of his style of slack tech (not much swinging). Gentry uses really intense songs because his tricks are really hard hitting. Jensen like hip hop because of flow. 5A players like rock because 5A is fast like rock music.

Think about this and remember, no matter what song you choose, it’s still your routine. Have fun with it.

I’m liking this thread.

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I wonder what the music theme was for ECC, and wonder what it will be for MWC. The BAC’s theme seemed to be a lot of dubstep. Even heard one of the tracks to the new Mortal Kombat 2011 soundtrack, Reptile’s theme. With that said, if you’re one for that genre of music, the Mortal Kombat soundtrack sounds like it has some good stuff to throw to. But again, I’m a video game nerd, and some techno/remixed video game soundtrack would probably be my first choice in music anyway.

but some thing you can walk into best buy or walmart and buy in cd format

come on thats all

im gonna be there to! im so exited ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley:

thats not my name by the ting tings