Need some basic trick help


While my front tricks (Think Split the Atom and Brain twister) are coming along smoothly, my breakaway, trapeze, and double or nothing are extremely inconsistent. I was wondering if anyone has nay technique help for getting a solid, straight breakaway. I’m having serious trouble.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Pretend that you are showing off your bicep, like you are making a muscle like a body builder. Then throw the breakaway. There is lots of video instruction for this. My advice is to pay attention to details. It’ll come to you eventually. :slight_smile:


I’ve watched the videos, haha. The thing is the bicep breakaway makes it feel like the yoyo is going to hit me right in the thigh rather than come in front me. Often times, however, when I try to do a trapeze, for example, it swings around my finger in front of the string (that is- farther from my body),

I’m quite frustrated with getting the trajectory right, and not sure what to do.


Best tip I can give for landing a more consistent trapeze is to intercept the string with your finger fairly close to the yoyo (a bit more than a handspan). Using a slightly shorter string might help with the control as well.



Stand in front of a wall (or sofa) when you practice - this will force you to learn to keep everything on plane and inline.


These aren’t unusual frustrations. The others have given good advice. Getting the right trajectory just takes practice. It will be off at the start, but keep trying and you will become better and naturally progress. Perhaps also experiment by making small changes to your action to determine what results in the straightest throw.