Need some advice from the experts!

Here in another day or two I’m going to be getting a new yoyo and I’m having trouble trying to decide what to get. There are so many different shapes and styles of play and I’m not totally sure which one would be best for me because I’ve not been into yoyoing that long. So for starters, I’m just getting into some of the advanced tricks now. My absolute favorite yoyo I have is a Crucial Heavy Cream. I like it because its smooth, easy to manipulate and just all around amazing. Its like liquid gold. The profile also seems to really work for me too. I also have an X-Con Pro which I enjoy very much because of its size and profile. Its quick and agile but not like the crucial. I’ve got a DMII and a Lyn Fury too but they don’t get used that much any more.

So here’s what I was thinking about:

Crucial A La Mode - because if one crucial is good, two is better
Spyy Revenger - I like the profile - makes me think of the X-Con
Spyy Spyder - I like this one because the profile is similar to the Heavy cream and that really seemed to work for me.
One Drop Dietz - Looking for something different and this got good reviews.

if there’s something not on the list that would be good, please let me know. I want something with long spin time, good balance, not too light and overall good quality. Price range around $100.

I can say nothing but good things about the crucial a la mode.

The dietz is awesome, so smooth and truly a grade A competition throw. I just can’t say anything wrong about the dietz, I just picked up a spyder II and it is a nice small throw! I have a lot of the spyy yoyo line in my collection and they are all exceptional! I would go with either but the dietz is a real nice throw.

All the throws you listed are very good, and very different for the most part… It’s hard to recommend which one is best for you, but I like the Revenger the best.

the crucial a la mode’s shape intrigues me. and i have heard nothing but good reviews from it. Ive never thrown any of the others, but every SPYY Ive tried i had enjoyed immensely. If you liked the heavy cream so much the “A La Mode” might be a good choice.

I bought the spyder 2 and it plays a lot like the wooly marmot. It is fantastic. It plays very smoothly

haven’t tried a spyder yet, but I have the other three

al a mode is great. my only qualm with it is that it doesn’t grind, but that’s really not a big deal. other than that, it’s a lot like what you would expect from crucial. great quality, precision, and play.

the revenger I feel is severely underrated, and just kinda forgotten about. I haven’t heard anyone talking about it, but it really is very good. It plays floaty, grinds quite well, and looks stunning to say the least. I got one for christmas, and it’s become one of my favourites

the dietz I’ve only used for a couple minutes, but it’s fun. I can’t say much about it though, because it was a couple months since I’ve thrown it, and I don’t really remember it that well.