need replacement for duncan stickers

just wonderinrg, is there any other brand response that would fit in the area where 12mm Duncan stickers would go?

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. However, if you need replacements, the Duncan silicone stickers (NOT friction stickers) work great and last a long time.

I feel the silicone stickers are a massive improvement over the friction stickers. They aren’t so grippy, which let’s yo be more in control

Dif pads also work. Or at least i think they do?

Dif-e-o pads definitely work awesome on duncans. I have many duncans and the absolute first thing I do is rip out the response and put in dif pads. I got the drifter by chance the first day they hit the shelves at toys r us (which was like a month before yye or any online store had them, weird) and I immediately put in the difs and haven’t worn them out yet. I can’t seem to wear any of them out. they allow better unresponsive play but still provideexcellent binds. Get them and you will not be sorry.