Duncan Silicone Stickers?

How good are they? How unresponsive are they and how long do they last? Thanks. :slight_smile:

They are okay but not as good as pads but better than friction stickers

They are slightly Unresponsive after you break them in

It depends on how much you play with them but they last about 2-5 monthes for me

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They are very good. They last a long time. I’ve had them in my G&E4 Lily for about a year. Still good.
Responsiveness is really more of a bearing issue, as far as I’m concerned.

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Whenever I use them their responsive. Their good for responsive play, and for me they last for about like 2 months at the most.

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Its all about the bearing my man. You just arent cleaning it that well. I bought a FHZ off of eBay and it was completely unresponsive outta the box but the bearing was like DRY

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I am wanting to get silicone stickers for my 2010 Duncan Freehand 2 because I am thinking the little recess will help it be unresponsive. So, if I clean my bearing in it and get silicone stickers would it be unresponsive with good binds? Thanks. :slight_smile:

i was just wondering if you think 2a or 4a is cooler

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re else. And yes, it will.

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That would work real well I have silicone stickers in my fhz and it’s dead unresponsive

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True dat.

In my Lily, it’s totally dependent on how I set up the bearing. Very clean, light lube - unresponsive. More lube - responsive. Both w/o changing out the sili sticker.

I have a pair of silicone stickers in a double pad recessed FHZ that have been in use for close to two years. I like these pads a ton and recommend them highly. With the brass shims and a cleaned, lightly lubed bearing it’s dead unresponsive. Great advice about the bearing guys!

You can flush silicone a 2010 Freehand. It has grooves that will grip the silicone.