need QUICK answer


I love small bearing yoyos.

FHZ vs. Speed Dial vs. Flipside


Flipside, many people tried it and said its really good. But I haven’t tried any. My #2 would be FHZ


Flipside own it is good if small bearing is an option you want, it is unresponsive with the size a in


Don’t get a speed dial. Nuff said


But when I tried it I liked it…

Ok. Maybe I’ll get a Flipside or FHZ


I’d go with the speed dial
smoother than a normal plastic


I never had a problem with the Speed Dial. Modded FHZ’s are sweet though too.



Yarg, I just ordered a FHZ.

I be waiting for the buried treasure in the mail Matey!

(kclejeune) #9

Yeah I would’ve said Speed dial… With silicone response… But modded FHz can be epic too


Okay, mate?


Consider the Square Wheels Rex when it drops. Yeah, it will be over $100. Absolutely worth it!



The werrd minute was small bearing as well if you can find one and then if you count D bearings there’s lots of those

The small bearing bassalope also comes to mind along with all the small bearing yyf’s