Small bearing plastics?

After doing a brief search of major online yoyo retailers, I’ve realized that there aren’t many small bearing yoyos out there in plastic. I know Duncans use a small bearing and I have a Mosquito, but I need something unresponsive. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Well why do you want a small bearing? Just to try out?


Whatabout velocities, speed dials, spin stars and FAST 201s? (All YYF’s)

EDIT: Whoops, i put speed dial without thinking. Forgot you wanted plastics. But still, speed dial has plastic rims :stuck_out_tongue:

Small Bearings are AWESOME!!! I like 'em for 1A AND 5A!

If you want a good small bearing plastic yoyo, I’d wait a couple of weeks for one of these…

They play like a beauty!

The Velocity is a small bearing plastic :slight_smile:

This is true.

The FreeHand Zero, FreeHand 2, and Throw Monkey are some of the best small bearing plastics out there. You could send one to a modder to get it silicone, or pad recessed. Plus, there’s always an option to find one in the BST’s (FHZ’s are everywhere).

FHZ are awesome when modded!
Just silicone recess them, then play!

Velocity by YYF is small bearing. It’s also a good yo-yo for begginer - master tricks.