Small bearing plastics?


After doing a brief search of major online yoyo retailers, I’ve realized that there aren’t many small bearing yoyos out there in plastic. I know Duncans use a small bearing and I have a Mosquito, but I need something unresponsive. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Well why do you want a small bearing? Just to try out?




Whatabout velocities, speed dials, spin stars and FAST 201s? (All YYF’s)

EDIT: Whoops, i put speed dial without thinking. Forgot you wanted plastics. But still, speed dial has plastic rims :stuck_out_tongue:


Small Bearings are AWESOME!!! I like 'em for 1A AND 5A!

If you want a good small bearing plastic yoyo, I’d wait a couple of weeks for one of these…,3759.0.html

They play like a beauty!


The Velocity is a small bearing plastic :slight_smile:


This is true.

The FreeHand Zero, FreeHand 2, and Throw Monkey are some of the best small bearing plastics out there. You could send one to a modder to get it silicone, or pad recessed. Plus, there’s always an option to find one in the BST’s (FHZ’s are everywhere).

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FHZ are awesome when modded!
Just silicone recess them, then play!

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Velocity by YYF is small bearing. It’s also a good yo-yo for begginer - master tricks.