Small Bearing throws.


Anyone have special recommendations of “A” bearing throws?

It’s not often I can find many full metal small bearing throws.

Anyone have any recommendations?

I’m looking into A bearing throws. Not D bearing.

(SR) #2

Duncan has an extremely wide selection of A bearing yoyos.


Wasn’t the SB Bassalope A Bearing? It’s a great throw, and I’ve seen quite a few on the BST recently, so you may be able to find one for a good price with a bit of looking.


You are correct. The SB Bassalope is an A-bearing that uses the 12mm duncan silicone sticker(or can). Between that and the C-bearing Bassalope, I feel the SB Bassalope plays better as the yoyo was initially designed around a small bearing. The C bearing version plays alright, but just doesn’t have the “right” feel of play. I do have both so I can compare.


YYF made a good amount of small bearing yoyos and I believe the werrd rozzor and minute were small bearing


The Slithering Hippo AA7 is small bearing. And it’s not an A bearing, but D-Bearing Skywalkers are pretty fun.


Keep in mind that it’s a beefcaked A bearing throw


The Werrd Minute has a size A Bearing


It’s not metal, but the YYF New Velocity is a great A bearing yoyo, and can be found at TRU.


TRU actually has some good A bearing throws:

Pro-Z, Mosquito, Freehand, Velocity, Dragonfly, etc. :smiley:


The Freakhands are pretty nice too. Clean the bearing out and they go dead unresponsive with no further changes. I have done the same with the Metal Drifter as well.

My TRU does not carry the Velocity or any other YYF’s they are supposed to be carrying.


The new Duncan Magnetude has a Size A bearing. I was actually quite surprised to see that. But it is really expensive…


The Magnetude looks awesome! Maybe a bit of a novelty, but still really cool.