need opinions!


So, I just finished stripping a Yomega Dash, I wanted to do something interesting with it, so I came up with this. I tried my best to mirror the one half and it didn’t come out as good as I wanted it to but I think I did pretty good for my first time. And I also used chemical to fade the one half and turn the white/silver/whatever etching to a lead-like black/gray. It used to be red. I also threw in a Crucial Grooved bearing in it amd flowable silicone response. What do you guys think?


I think the polishing could use some work… you’ve got a decent shine, but it could go a lot further. You need to figure out what grit is required to get out the few scuffs/grooves it has left.

When you are sanding (I’m assuming you are doing this spinning it on a drill or something) make sure you -constantly- move the sandpaper back and forth across the surface, never let it sit in one place… don’t have to move it fast, just move it.

Make sure you are using sandpaper that can be used wet (more commonly you’ll find wet/dry sandpaper)… soak the paper to start with, and make sure to flush it with water (squirt bottle that sprays a stream instead of a mist works, or a condiment container if you have one spare) while you work… this keeps the shavings from building up in the sandpaper and clogging it up (or worse, getting ground back into the metal).

Once you have a perfectly uniform surface, move up to the next grit and repeat… getting a super nice polish takes quite a bit of time. Expect to spend 30min to 1+ hours on it.

Also, if you decide you want the etching on the anodized side to be, say, polished silver… you can usually use a car polish (like any of the mothers brand polishes) to remove the etching and leave a bare, shiny metal surface. It won’t hurt the anodizing, just remove the etched material.

Car polishes are safe for the anodizing since they’re designed for paint, and the ‘etching’ is really just an oxidization build up on the surface of the metal, so it can be removed easily.


thank you for all the helpful tips kyo! But as of now what do you think? I thought the half and half seemed cool.


half/half isn’t really my thing, but if you like it that’s all that matters :slight_smile:


I was never too crazy about half and half till I saw somebody do a trapeze gyro flop with one. It looks like your almost magically changing colours to an audience.