Mirror Polishing

Hey all,

So I want to mirror polish my Dash, first throw I got and Its a little beat, and nothing really else to do with it so I thought I would give it a nice Mirror polish! its stripped already, I just want to know the best way to get it to a mirror finish (sand paper grit and what not). Also ive heard of using a a drill to spin the yoyo half when sanding,how would you go about attaching it to the drill? (would a drill press work?) I have/can get all materials/ tools needed for the job.

Im sorry if this has been posted, but searching for “polishing” on here is like searching for “yoyo”…lol


A drill or drill press will work. A drill press is better. To attach it to the drill chuck get a screw that fits, cut the head off and insert it into the yoyo. Use a nut to tighten the screw into the yoyo. Insert the free end of the screw into the chuck and snug it up.

Polishing - use a progression of 300, 400 and 600 grit wet/dry sand paper (use wet). Depending on the initial condition you may want to start w/200 grit paper. You can go to a higher grit (800 or 1000) if you want. Finish off with 0000 steel wool and a good metal polish.

Here’s an article in a couple of pdf files that describes the process fairly well.

The original article seems to be out of print.

polish_1.pdf (952 KB)

polish_2.pdf (814 KB)

Thank you so much! Il make a post when im done to show my work, cant wait to get polishin’!


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