How do you mirror polish a yoyo?

Hi guys. i would like to know how to get a mirror polish on my yoyos. :slight_smile: thx!

Here’s how to mirror polish a yoyo:

P.S. Yes, I copied someone.

Put a biding wheel on a bench grinder

Apply jeweler’s rouge to the wheel.

Buff yoyo on wheel.

Wipe clean with a soft cotton cloth.

Polish with Flitz metal polish using a soft cotton cloth. (the one in the little black bottle is safe for anodized metals too)

You sure are going for the expensive way huh?

here’s how i do it
1.put half of the yoyo on the drill.
2.sand the yoyo by starting at a lower grit sand paper and
ending at a higher grit.
3.use super fine 0000 steel wool to rub on the yoyo
4.use mothers aluminum polish by puting it on some tissue
and puting it on the yoyo.
5.give yourself a thumbs up through the mirror finished yoyo. :slight_smile:

Funny thing is… the first page that comes when you google it is this thread.