Need help with scratches and scuffs

I have a blue yomega dash and I’m going to give it to my friend but the rims are really beat up and in bad shape. I would hate to give it to him looking like that so can someone help me out with getting them out.

There is no way to get rid of dings/scratches/dents. Just gotta live with them.

The best you can do is sand or file down burrs to make them smoother, but that won’t really make the dings look any better.

Just ask yoyospirt to polish the Yoyo. It wouldn’t have and ano on it but it’s will help with the dings and scuffs.

I bought a peak that was heavily damaged a while back, I challenge anyone to find the damage!

Its no longer there so you won’t.

Rim damage can easily be removed.

The job would be worth more than buying a good new yoyo like the speed o Holic.

What would I use to repaint i got the scratches a dings out just need to put fresh paint on

Mostly I wouldn’t try to repaint - it wears off. It’s anodized, not painted in the first place. Just smooth the dings and leave it raw.

or just give it to him as it lol if it’s already damaged he won’t worry as much about damaging it.