Need Opinions on Trick

Here’s the trick

What do you guys think i do to make this better?

Maybe try to squeeze some type of suicide in there, that would make it really cool.

On YoSkater’s opinion:
Maybe have a slack suicide in a kink mount?

Also, instead of binding normally, try doing a sky bind, it blends well with the end “bounce down” move.

Add 42 seconds to it and make it in one throw! Seriously, good combo. I like it.

As for the bind. Pull the yoyo up as if you are doing a sky bind but do a laceration bind. Very flashy, and chicks dig it.


I might test this out… :wink:


It’s not actually just a laceration into the gap, though. What you’re going to do is a reverse laceration and instead of whipping into the gap whip the string under the yoyo and let it sit on your arm or something. The yoyo will fall down and land on top of the string and bind.

The bind is seen here after the 1 minute mark:

Thats pretty sick! I wish there was a way to slow that video down and examine how he does it!


Thanks to all you guys! I’m currently working on getting more consistent on landing the trick with the added suicide and the different bind. I’m going to practice it some more then I’m going to film it to show you guys.


Thats a sweet trick!


But you didn’t get the whip sky bind. :-\