Need New Yoyo, dont know what....

Okay, heres the deal. I am going to get some money soon and i want to know what yoyo to buy. I want to go to an all metal one. Maybe yyf but idk just yet. I need recommendations.

Ok well anyone on this forum will say preferance so thats what i’m gonna say but if you like undersized yoyos get the dv888 or the BOSS they are both amazing the dna is a little bit bigger than the dv888 but it is awesome.but it is really all your preferance

bully or wedgie by big brother yoyos get a kk to

MVP when they come out I heard they are going to be good. So is the Lunatic. IMO :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

I’m not sure of anywhere that still has Dv888s. If you want all metal, defenitly go for YYF though. If they have it, it’s worth it XD Skyline, G5, 888, Boss, whatever YYF has that’s metal, it’s a good yoyo.

I know a place that has a 401sd and a Red Anodized G5.