Need new throw for tournament

Hey guys
Im looking for a throw that’s not very big and not to heavy and under 40-45 dollars, the heaviest it can be is 67 grams unless it plays floaty because i like floaty. Thanks :smiley:
The tournament is in april but i want a headstart


That was easy :wink:

magic yoyo n12

also consider yyj trigger!

or n11. Doesn’t really matter. I’d go with the Shark, personally…

N12 for sure. Definitely a competition worthy throw.

Any YYF protostar, northstar, or shaqualer star would do fine. That or the DV888 would do good too.
However DM2s are very popular at contests as well for popularity and the feel of it. While I’m still on the topic of YYj a chaser is great for speedy play at a competition. On another hand it’s all about what you like and the feel for a throw and what you like because I know one thing for sure is everyone has different opinions so everyone has different stuff the y like.

YYF Delrin Severe or anything from God Tricks.


Play what feels good to you. what you’re comfortable with.