Need new throw for tournament Fast!

Hey guys as you can see I need a new throw and fast, the Minnesota tournament is coming up and I need a throw soon. I hve my poll above and if you have another suggestion that’s noton the list please write a little segment on it. My limit is 55-60 and I prefer undersized and fast But want to do something new. thanks :smiley:

I would suggest a super g, which isnt on the list but is like the g funk, and you could find a used one. ALso a used YYF like a supernova, genesis, or proton would be great! If you must buy new though, the DI base is really great! Especially the 2 if you have seen it, but not sure if its coming to yye

Not sure why u need a new yoyo for the comp but id go with dibase

Yyj phenomizm or c3 Dibase/dibase 2 are both speedy and great for horizontal
A c3 token this little beast play like full size only at 47mm and cost 28$

The choices, since someone decided to throw up a poll:

Di Base

Destiny: Which Destiny? God Tricks or YYJ? Are there others? I feel you’re talking God Tricks Destiny. This is a surprising little yoyo, It might be a good fit.

I personally don’t like the G-Funk. I had to destroy the bearing in it to get it out of my kid’s yoyo since it was another model that exhibited YYF’s “Death grip to the Bearing Seat Syndrome”, or for what shall forever be branded as “DGTTBSS”. Even with a better bearing, it just didn’t work well for me, but it works well for my kid and that’s all that matters.

That leaves you with the DiBase. This is an awesome, fast and agile player. This is most likely your choice.

The DiBase2 should be coming out soon considering it has already launched at other sites