Need Modding Ideas

I bought a mosquito as mod fodder and am wondering what i should do. I am planning on silicone recessing it and adding weight. Reshaping? Satining? any ideas to make it play good. I thought it would be cool to have this to mess around with.

Rubber o-rings for weight. Recess it. Maybe a schmoove job?
I’d go for a satin on it, just me

here’s what I’d do, ad metal weight rings, sili recess it, and satin.

be careful the mosquitos have a thin wall and you can go through it, i did by acident.

He’s very right. You’d have to be very careful and shallow when recessing it.

Then he is making the recess too deep. ONly about 1.5 mm deep is enough. Maybe 2mm but after that it’s pushing it.