I just came back from the store with... (weighted mosquitoes)

A few five dollar Duncan Mosquitos with screw-bound sidecaps. Lead fishing weights. Super glue.

I’ma see what I can do.


A better choice for weight is fat o-rings. You can get them in various sizes that will fit yoyos in 1/4 or 3/16 inch thickness. That’s what used to come in the FH2 and also what Frank Difeyo uses.

Using discreet weights like fishing sinkers will be hard to get a balanced yoyo.

Ok, so I went overboard on one of them. It’s pretty balanced, but because it is both heavy and responsive, it will eat you without warning.

I filled the inside of mine with silly putty, i used a gram scale and divided an entire piece of it in half and shoved it under the sidecaps. It works pretty awesome, not gonna lie here.

You could also silicone it, you just need a jeweler’s screw driver, sand paper to sharpen the screw drive and a drill. I added some weight to my mosquito by putting pieces of wire and glue gun sticks and it weights 63 grams but plays solid. I also silicone recessed it and put a cleaned stainless bearing and it play really well.

Cousin shoved some playdoh, I think it was about a quarter of filled in each side. Thought it was weird as much as he put it in there, but after a few throws it worked as got used to throwing it with the added weight. Just don’t attempt to use more than 25-40% I think he said, he put more than that in one and while throwing, he snapped the string and the Mosquito went flying, Buzz buzz.

This is what I did to mine. ;D


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