Need major help, the Yoyo keeps catching on the response and Keep hitting myself

So I’ve been wanting to practice chopsticks because I’m still new to throwing. What I’ve been doing is this small repeater trick basically you do the chopsticks mount, then underpass the Yoyo with throw hand onto the single string and ALMOST everytime I do underpass the Yoyo it will catch and end up wanting to wind up and then shoots and hits my knuckles on my Non throw hand, if anyone has ever had this type of problem with chopsticks please let me know I am feeling super discouraged because I’ve gotten the chopsticks mount down really well but when I go to underpass the Yoyo by pushing against the single string furthest to the left the Yoyo catches on the response and bam my knuckles get hit. Any ideas what could help me not get this?
It happens on most throws of mine that I try chopsticks with especially if my string is thick so now I’m using super thin string and still have the problem

Your yoyo may have too much response to perform the trick. I carry a lot of different yoyos but I noticed that I am unable to perform certain tricks with certain yoyos.It may be a user thing but it feels like I can play Horizontal tricks on Code2 just fine, but I seem to fail Horizontal when I jump to my protostar.

Try changing the direction in which your yoyo is spinning. Sometimes this can cause problems.

What yoyo are you using?
I sometimes have this problem if my string tension is too tight.

I’ve had the same problem as well. I’ve found if you try to keep it fluent it’s not as bad.

Doing this would make the yoyo spin the wrong way for a majority of the other breakaway tricks out there. I don’t think this would help much.

I just tried doing the combo you described. Though there are a couple chopsticks mounts. I tried the ‘bunny ears’ one (a loop on both your index and thumb) and the chopsticks undermount (loop on your thumb, string touching index). I found the undermount one was the only way that an underpass would really work.

Tried it a few times with the yoyo spinning in a different direction - no problems. I was also using a Majesty, and the pads are still pretty fresh and kind of grippy. Maybe a little more detail about the type of trick and yoyo?

I know you’ve got some great throws, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Perhaps your bearings are the problem? Are the yoyos you’re trying this with tug responsive?