Need helping picking out one more throw

So, I have one more slot in my yoyo case I am trying to fill, but I don’t know what to put in there. I was hoping you guys could offer up some suggestions.

First of all, my favorite throw right now is the legendary terrarian. I love the size, shape and weight of it. However, it’s not exactly my most stable throw and it lacks a tiny bit of power. I was thinking of trying to find a similar feeling yoyo that can generate a little more power and hold its plane a little longer. Looking around, the edge beyond has a somewhat similar profile, its fairly light, and obviously has a ton of power. Does anyone know if these two feel similar? The kuntosh 5000qv looks fairly similar too and appears to have more rimweight.

My next thought was if I am dropping 140 bucks, I could also get a tivayder. They won’t last much longer and it might be my only chance to get one. I’ve never played it, but most people who have one seem to like it.

Lastly, I’ve always wanted to try a retic death adder. Looks fun to me.

Can anyone offer up some suggestions on how to fill my last slot? Some of the other throws I have are the banshee, orca, beartrap, conspiracy and I love all of them. But none of them get picked up as much as my legendary terrarian.


You know what, if you don’t have a Ti yet it might be perfect to cap your collection off with a Ti Vayder! It really is a great piece. Embrace the dark side.


How about something that isn’t all about rim weight and ‘stability’? Give something organic a go, can’t go far wrong with a Markmont Classic!


I second both the MC and the Vayder. Can’t go wrong with either.

Alternatively, you can try and snag an Akita on that drop.

Any of these three will hold solid trade and resale value, so if you’re not fully satisfied you will very likely be able to make something else happen with them.

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True akita is very good and is dropping tonight is some very good colors (ash berry is great)

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Ti vayder is very good. Also you can check out some reticulated throws.