What should my next yoyo be?


My absolute favorite throw right now is the H5xCheif and my question your everyone is what is next. What are your guys suggestions of what I should try next knowing that I really like the H5xCheif. I like the size and weight and everything about it but I’m scared I won’t be able to find another throw like it. Let me know what you guys think.


Would try these:

Slusny Nest
CLYW Cliff
YOO Jaeger
YYR Overdrive


Get the CLYW CLIFF. Amazing throw that’s smooth and feels a bit like an h5 with more bulk.


I really like one drop maybe check out some of their throws they’re awesome.


I understand that you’re trying to promote your small company but that is not at all a productive suggestion because it doesn’t fit the preferences of the asker. I second the Cliff by CLYW and the Overdrive by YYR. I also recommend the YYR Clash.



You could always try the original h5.


I seriously can’t recommend the Jaeger enough… To anyone…