Need Help

When i yoyo for a while and i look at the bearing the string is always up against the side of the yoyo do i need to get a center trac or crucail groove or do you guys think that it has to do with my throw.

there is no problem with that it although it can cause the yoyo to slow down so a center track will make it sleep longer but is not necessary. 8)

Thats what im was wondering is if it slows down sleep time.

It has nothing to do with the bearing. Its just your throw. I had this problem alot while I was yoyoing too. What you want to do, is try to throw as straight as possible. The only reason why the string is touching the yoyo is because your yoyo is tilted because of your throw. Hope that helps! :wink:

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Changing a bearing can most of the time do nothing at all, but sometimes, it does 1-2% of it’s “infered” job. Not worth it. A flat bearing is fine for whatever you’re doing. The string is rubbing the sides of the yoyo, it will lower spin time. But this is caused by your throw. Just practice. Throw with precisionand you’ll get it.


I’ve got a genesis with a 10 ball bearing inside and it does the same thing. I put a konkave on it and the spin time was better with the flat bearing. It’s not worth getting a kk or gruved.