okay i say this trick that jensen kimmit does. it is like a green triangle frontstyle and its like revolving so to speak and i want a good tut for it.

i also want to know how to do a follow. i can do the rotation thing but i have no idea hgow to end it and do the stuff were you slap the whip on your hand and go the other direction.

i also saw this trick that jamesfoxyo or whatever his name is were he goes like he is gonna get into the green triangle at the end of and whut im pretty sure and the yoyo bounces up and down when you criss cross your arms. i can do it but i need some help with smoothing it out.

im also looking for some cool tricks to spice up some of my combos. so if you know any really fancy tricks i wanna see the tuts

Okay, I will try to help as much as I can.

  1. Jensen’s GT trick- If you could bring up the video of him doing it that would be great, but here is what I believe he is doing from what you said.

First, you should know how to do a trapeze green triangle. If not look it up.

Anyways, second you should know a trapeze and bro (the foundation to the trapeze green triangle) is almost exactly like a split bottom mount minus the fact that the loop around your throw-hand index is on a different sides of the wrap on you non-throw-hand index.

Next, go like you are going into a split bottom mount, but don’t go over your throw-hand index finger. Instead, go over your throw hand wrist and land on the string closest to your throw hand side. Have the loop on your wrist drop. Yay, you are in a GT. Now, just do a braintwister. Dismount to your throw-hand side. Sorry if I misunderstood.

  1. Follow- Now, I can’t do follow, so here is a tutorial and video showing different variations of follow.
    Sorry I couldn’t find many, and I can’t do the trick. But, for the part where you hit the loop with your hand, practice it with jade whip. When the loop comes up, push it back down with your non-throw-hand.

  2. PM the person you are talking about.

  3. Here are some from J. Lev. or Jeremy Levine. Check out YoYoExpert Tutorials on youtube. There are some good tricks on it. The videos shown here are from that account.

Hope this helped. :wink:

Here’s Jensen’s GT:

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The Arm GT looks awesome! I got it first try, gonna keep practicing it though. :]
Thanks. ;D

For Jamesofyoyo’s trick, I think you are talking about the Montgomery Twist.
I hope this is what you were talking about.
Good luck learning it, It’s a fun trick :slight_smile:
EDIT: The3 trick is rom the SApirit Bomb dismount, not And Whut.