Need help with removing loop2020 axle

I’ve tried using cloth and pliers, but I couldn’t get a strong enough grip. Is there any better ways of getting it out?

Edit: Also I forgot to mention that my axle is REALLY REALLY DAMAGED because of me doing it a little too hard.


I had issues with mine as well. I ended up using a rubber band, but the pliers still left marks in the axle (doesn’t effect play as far as I can tell).

Looking forward to some suggestions on this one.


Nice to know that im not alone

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Well, if it ‘is’ really really damaged as you said> then at this point just grab it with pliers and take it out.

I mean, if it is really damaged, it has to be removed no matter what.

When you combine: yo-yos, tools and no experience with the job at hand, the results are most often very bad.

Learn by doing… Nothing horribly wrong with that. At this point, you know more than you did when you started, right?

You kinda know what not to do because it didn’t/doesn’t work. So you don’t have to worry about doing the same thing again…

A few questions…1… Why are you taking the axle out in the first place?
2…Do you already have a replacement axle?
3…Do you know which number axle it is? < there are 3 different 2020 axles

A few more questions… What a country do you live in now? And is there a good hardware store in your area?

Please give some more information and I will take a stab at solving your nightmare.

It’s just a rumor. And you are new to this forum. But I actually know a few things about messing with yo-yos.


Looks like USA…

I did this vid last year with a 720… But the process is the same>


Excellent and informative video Doc but I would like to hear more about this Sushi girl with big boots :crazy_face:

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  1. I am taking out the axle since it was already scratched before (I damaged it even more with my pliers and stupidity). 2. No I don’t already have a replacement, but I was going to get one after I get this one out. 3. This one and my replacement that I will get are both 2s. 4. I live in Michigan and yes there are a couple hardware stores near me.

Also on the condition of the axle, the smooth part is filled with plier marks, and the uhh not smooth part? It’s (not 100% sure though) stripped at the lower part