I seriously need help!! Axle Probs!!


I was watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob6JeIyfeNU

I was dumb enough to try it out on my yuuksta then I got my 888x axle stuck on one side. People say use the axle removal tool, so I bought one and guess what? it loosened the hole on the axle and the tool won’t even turn. If you need me to explain more, I can make a vid or take some pictures. PLEASE HELP! Any suggestions??


All I’m hearing is that you’ve stripped the axle and can’t get it out… I’m not understanding why you’re taking it out now? Did you get it in crooked?


I was following the video, then realized this was a BAD idea and tried turning it back using the yyf key and yea, its stuck :confused:


Did it go in smoothly? Did you have to force it through? Have you tried twisting it out with pliers? Also, are you turning it counter-clockwise to remove?


Skip the YYF tool and use a pliers. Then buy a new axle. You can more than likely get a suitable replacement at the hardware store.


you might be able to protect the axle from the pliers using an old response pad if you have any around


At this point it’s not worth the effort, and adding a pad or tape to protect it will just make the pliers slip.


that’s the great thing about the response pad, it’s grippy, so it doesn’t really let the pliers slip


The pad slips on the screw.


well it forked for me, I guess it depends how bad it’s stuck


I still need help, like can you explain?? I made this video to show what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1IbG8-y3U


It looks like you stripped the part of the axle where you screw it out. Try using the tool on the other side of the axle. (The side sticking out) Hopefully that isn’t stripped too.


Those tools only work on an axle that isn’t stuck. They’re just a common allen wrench.

Get a pliers, any one will do but a vice grips is preferable, and have at it. Yes, the threads on the axle will get damaged. Take the yoyo to a hardware store and find a screw that fits to replace it.


I don’t know how to grip on the axle, I’m using the pliers from the video and when i do it slips off


Grab it further back on the pliers so there’s more pliers grabbing the screw. Or get a different pliers. A needle nose isn’t good for really grabbing things hard. Get a regular pliers or a vice grips.