Need help with red triangle reversed suicide

So I have been working on Andrew Bergen’s Red Triangle Slack Combo. I got everything down but can’t get the loop to open up on the suicide part of the red triangle. I have been trying for a week or so but feels like im not getting anywhere. Would love some pointers.

The trick in question. The explanation of the part i’m having trouble with starts at 6:00 min:


So I am assuming you are following all of his tips, so I will not address those. What I like to do is insert a thumb and a finger to widen the slack. This will create a bigger hole to stick your finger into. This is something you can do for all suicide tricks and it is how I learned suicide GTs.

Another tip would be to use a longer string. This will allow you to build huge holes. I am currently using @BadWolfeCo’s slicc string uncut which makes it about 58 inches (corrected, my apologies)

The final tip I have heard is to use thicker string if you can. I personally do not have a throw that can take a thick string, but if you do, then I would try.

I really hope this helps 'cause this is an amazing looking trick.


Thanks for the shout out! My Slicc strings are actually more like 57-59" uncut, a little less after you tied the loop. There’s a bit of variation since they’re hand-made and I’m not perfect, but they’re all within an inch or two of 58"

Although honestly, they’re really stretchy so it’s entirely possible that after some play it might get over 60". Just wanted to clarify that around 58" is where they start.

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Man I was way off, I knew that yoyo hit my head too hard :joy:

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I will give widening the slack a try thanks. Have been playing with a certain length string for over a decade so that’s not gonna change im afraid.

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Let me know when you get the trick down, I know you got this!

I actually just now found out I did the step before wrong. When you pull the string from your non throwhand with your pointer. I pulled from the top. Should be the bottom… makes a world of difference. First try landed smoothly :slight_smile: