Zammy's like a boss

I need some helps guys and gals I cant get my simple head around the red triangle slack suicide thingy before the drop and bind end. I will add the vid to this and see if you know what I am talking about.

any help is much appriciated, cheers to any help on the matter. I really want this trick as part of my set for aus nats, when ever it happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I shall try and break it down for you as this trick is much more simple then you realize, it is not difficult at all, just a little ackward. Did you read the subtitles?

For the suicide part, you have to โ€œSwing itโ€. You do this by giving a little bit of a swing via the use of your wrist. Give it enough power so the entire string will go around in a circle 360 degrees. Right when it gets to the front, put your index finger back into the slack/suicide.

When you swing it, swing it in a downard direction, in a diagonal fashion. Make sure you have plenty of space with the red triangle so you are able to re-catch it back to your index.

To dismount, just literally swing it around your right index and DROP EVERYTHING.

Again, its easier said then done but it is not that complicated.