Need help with my next metal

I’ve played for 2 yrs and sticked w my Axiom for 1 yr :). Right now I’m having enough money to purchase my next metal, just a little bit confused which to choose. Going to Singapore and probably visiting Spinworkx next week ;D

  • Gnarwhal: 115$, read lots of great reviews about it. The problem is that it’s out of stock, here and also on Spinworkx webstore. However, some friends of mine told me that sometimes, one yoyo is still in stock at the store while appearing out on the webstore
  • C3 Winning Bird: its price here at yoyoexpert is only 100$ and spinworkx offer ONLY AP ver. at 115$
  • SPYY Supra: nearly the same shape and specs w Gnarwhal but 15$ cheaper
  • Duncan Echo: found few reviews, not much information

I need one that can satisfy my speed, my horizontals and have long sleep time.
If most of you choose gnarwhal and if it’s out of stock, what’s the 2nd choice ???

CLYW yoyo’s are made for performance. and it fits you’re preference aswell.

you could try a 85 dollar yyf such as the new super g, catylyst, or rockstar 2012
the super g is escpecially good for horizontal

Gnarwhal, one of the smoothest yoyos out there.

For metals I would recommend the ROCKstar 2012, Genesis, Super G or Catalyst
All of them are around 90$ and they’re really good

Thks for ur advice guys
YYF is way too popular in my country, having a chance to buy directly at spinworkx, I want to try other brands and buy one unique yoyo that my friends haven’t have :smiley:
But if those 3 from YYF could be so good that any of the 4 choice has no competition, I would reconsider my options :wink: